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How to choose Natural Stone Counter-top Profiles and Edges

Choosing right kitchen countertop profiles and edges for your home can take you into wilderness of patterns. Each pattern can make a big difference to your countertop surface. However, based on the interiors you can select a quieter or vociferous tone. A contrasting element accentuates the looks of a home.

But getting a perfect look for your kitchen takes more than banking on the differences. It depends on elements such as personality, utility, aesthetics, and completeness.


  • Bold

Straight edges such as Eased and Flat varieties lend an outgoing personality to your granite kitchen countertops. Even Square and Mitered edges can also attract a great attention to your countertops in Newnan. But the fabricator may suggest 3 cm thickness for the former and 2 or 3 cm for the latter for better looks.


Smoothened edge such as BeveledO’geeTuscan CurveRoman OvolloVersailles, and Chiseled varieties look bold and fancy. If you want to shift the attention to your kitchen island include these profiles into the edges of custom quartz countertops Georgia.

  • Blending

If your kitchen houses beautiful things in the perimeter and you never want them to miss the looks, submissive profiles such as the BullnoseCurved, or Pencil edges can do the job quite well. They look classic and attractive on your granite counter tops in Tyrone, but never snatch away the beauty of your kitchen surroundings.


There are a million ways to give your home an exotic appearance. But safety is always an important element if you have children at home. Countertops are troublesome for kids as they may knock their heads against the edges. It is much safer to opt for smooth edges as sharp edges can cause greater harm.

Also, if your kitchen deals with heavy vessels, thinner countertops or sharper edges are not ideal, as they could get damaged easily.


A thing that attracts may sound beautiful, and people may perceive bold edges as beautiful. Combined edges such as O’gee over Full Bullnose or VersaillesO’gee Top & Bottom, or Demi Bullnose with Stepout can look fancy and add to the beauty of your kitchen countertops in Fayetteville.


You may get every beautiful thing for your kitchen, but do they complement each other or look patchy? Beauty lies in wholeness of your kitchen. Never miss to include a countertop or edge that blend with your kitchen milieu.
These profile and edge ideas are excellent options with granite, quartz, and solid surface Countertops  Georgia with excellent results. Do consult with your fabricator about the ideal thickness for your kitchen countertops as heavy use may need a thicker surface.

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