Make your home look trendy with Solid Surfaces

Countertop surface is an excellent way to change the looks of your kitchen or office. Whether you are moving to a new home or refurbishing your existing one, you have endless choices to make in terms of natural and engineered surfaces. Solid surfaces are the best options if you are looking for aesthetics, ease of maintenance, durability, and cost effectiveness in your countertop.

Here are some reasons why buying solid surface for your home is a great idea!


You’ll be surprised with the choices people make in their daily lives. Some prefer a modern look for their homes, while some others go for a classic appearance.  Solid surfaces can make your kitchen look trendy with their unlimited color options and patterns.


Unlike stone surfaces giving a seamless appearance for these surfaces is easy with installation done by experienced professionals.


Solid surfaces are synthetic materials comprising bauxite or marble powder, resins and color pigments. Natural mineral composition will be 66% or more depending on the quality. Higher the mineral content harder the countertop surface and less occurrence of scratches and stains.

Maintenance free

  • Bacterial accumulation: Solid surfaces are smooth and non-porous, so there are no chances of bacterial accumulation. You can remove the dirt and stains easily by washing the countertop surface with mild soap and water. Bleaching helps disinfect solid surfaces.
  • Scratches or burn outs: Impacts of sharp objects or fires can cause scratches or burn marks on the solid surfaces. Smoothing of such surfaces by sand paper helps bring back the original shine. As temperature can affect these countertops, use trivets to place hot vessels. If damage to the surface is extreme, a service technician can replace the damaged part with a new one.
  • Chemicals: Keep chemicals such as paint removers, varnishes, and oven cleaners away from the solid surfaces as they can damage the surface.


Solid surface prices vary based on their qualities. Some contain more resins and fewer minerals, making them vulnerable to temperatures and scratches. Generally solid surface price may vary between $35 and $200.

We have many outlets selling exclusive range of Solid Surface Countertops in Georgia, at great prices. In case of problems or queries about your solid surface consult our service professionals.

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