Modern Stone Vessel and Glass, Copper, Porcelain Bowls

Stone vessel bowls are an entirely different range of sinks which have flooded the market with an entirely new range of looks. Even though stone sinks were also used in the olden days, the new range of sinks is the refined version with style, beauty, and ergonomic designs. In the market, you will find sinks made of marble, granite, glass, copper, porcelain, etc.

In this blog we will see more about stone, glass, copper, and porcelain vessel bowls.

Stone vessel Bowls

Hard, durable and attractive, stone vessel bowls or sinks are a great choice for your home. The advantage of stone vessel bowls is, they impart their beautiful personality into the sink, and thus you have crystalline, veiny, and luxurious looking sinks for your homes. You may get marble, granite, quartz, onyx sinks.

Stone vessel bowls look rugged from outside based on customers’ preference and then smoother inside for easy maintenance. Some varieties like quartz and soapstone are resistant towards harsh liquids and stains. Be careful with marble and limestone bowls as they easily react with acids and harsh chemicals and get damaged.

Glass Bowls

Available in oval, round, rectangular, square, crystal forms varying in designs, colors, and transparency, glass bowls add contemporary bling to your kitchen and toiletry. These easy to mold bowls come with attractive forms and patterns bringing out a creative charm into your room.

Even though glass bowls are resistant towards acids, hard impacts can damage them.

Copper Bowls

Copper bowls have a distinctive traditional personality which can immediately take your thoughts to the chalcolithic period. With perfect settings to complement these bowls such as woody surroundings and papered walls, you can hear the rhythmic movements of your pendulum clock while your kitchen gives out a warm feeling.

Copper reacts with air and may look dull and rustic. But these bowls look attractive in rustic as well as metallic looks. Their antimicrobial nature makes them even more attractive choices. But they do have vulnerabilities towards acids and heat.

Porcelain Bowls

Porcelain bowls are classy looking sinks for your home which come with cast iron core covered with a thick enamel coating. These bowls are easy to maintain, hygienic, and cost-effective solutions for your home. Available in unlimited color combinations and designs, they are a perfect match for any setting. But do check for details such as sink size, colors, faucet size, etc.

Stone bowl sinks look amazing and are a great value addition to your home. Gone are the days when sinks were just meant for the utilitarian purpose. Modern bowl sinks are designed to look exquisite in your home. Choose the sink that best reflects your personality and comes under budget too.

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