Natural Stone Floors for Trendy Looking Homes

Renovating your home is no longer a luxury these days as everyone wants their home to look special and trendy. So natural stones are always part of your home renovation palette. Using various extents of textures, colors and tones on the canvas to paint the looks of your patios floors and walls is a great way for a trendy looking home.


Every natural stone has its own characteristic feature and beauty, which drowns your home with different feelings of emotions. A modern decor is now the trend, which involves sleek interiors, thoughtful color combinations of textures and optimum use of space to allow free movements. Choosing the right stone at the right place in your home holds the key for a trendy looking home.

Transforming your home should begin with flooring without which renovations look out of touch. How do you choose the right stone for your home flooring?

Natural stone surfaces

Granite floors

Breathtaking features warped structures and veins various elements of nature captured within transparent quartz give these classic stones an unforgiving charm. Their cool and tough nature imparts a glossy appearance to your floors.

Harder than steel and unrelenting towards scratches granite floors are virtually indestructible. However, stains can easily get into these surfaces unless immediately cleaned, thus leaving scars. Avoid exposing them to extreme temperature as although they are resistant chips or cracks may develop.

Maintaining granite floors is easier which involves regularly cleaning the surface using mild soap water (hot water if needed) and sealing the surface once a year.

Marble floors

Characterized by nature identical patterns marble floors virtually celebrate nature. Features on their surfaces narrate the story of metamorphic origin in hues of green, brown, Gray, black, red, and white. Marble floors easily attract stains and scratches as they are made of calcium.

Even though marble floors are vulnerable to blemishes, their looks are plus points which makes them irresistible choices for homes. You need to seal them regularly to maintain their beauty.

Engineered surfaces

Quartz floors

Made of powdered quartz, resin, and acrylic, quartz floorings flaunt best elements of nature and science. Available in unlimited color combinations it is easier to get a modern look for your home with these surfaces. These engineered surfaces are resistant to temperature, stains, and scratches. But extreme heat can cause permanent damage.

Unlike natural stones, quartz floors do not need sealing. A regular wash with mild soap water and cleaning is enough. Cosmos, Silestone, Caesarstone, Zodiaq, and Hanstone are some varieties of quartz flooring surfaces.

Solid surface floors

Solid surface floors give flexibility in terms of colors as they are man-made. In contrast to quartz, solid surfaces are made of marble powder and resin, which makes them vulnerable to scratches and stains. But they do have an advantage – you can easily get them tamed to suit your home requirements.

Solid surface floors do not require sealing. Stains and scratches are common on these surfaces, but they can easily removed by cleaning using mild soap water and buffing respectively. Staron, Wilsonart, and Corian are some solid surface floor varieties.

For those who love to enjoy the beauty of nature’s gifts natural stone floors are excellent choices. Cost wise there is not much difference between natural, engineered, and solid surface floors, as their price vary based on quality. Their price may fall in the range of $45 to $400 or more.

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