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All About Quartz Kitchen Countertops

What is your choice for your kitchen or bathroom surface – granite, marble, natural quartzite, or quartz? Most people would blindly settle for granite or marble as most of their neighbors suggest it. But do you know that quartz countertop surfaces are fast picking up trend in the countertop market?

Some years ago granite or marble were the names overused in the countertop market, but now the scene seems to have changed completely. Customers want something which is different and durable as well, and within budget, and quartz countertop is definitely on that list. A careful buyer would consider all aspects such as trendiness, cost effectiveness, durability, and aesthetics before finalizing on a countertop.

Did you ask, “Where would quartz fit in those lines?” Here are some reasons which make quartz countertops an excellent choice for your home.

quartz kitchen countertops
Design Kitchen with Quartz Countertops

What makes it?

Quartz is made of 93% ground quartz, polymer resin, and acrylic colors, giving it a dual nature – natural and engineered. Natural quartz fortifies the countertop five times than that of granite, resin fuses the mixture and reduces pores, whereas acrylic colors gives them attractive colors. In contrast to earlier times when quartz was available in limited colors, now you can find them in attractive patterns and unlimited color combinations.

How to install?

It is better to prepare the cabinet before you cut quartz surface. As your countertop is quite heavier the cabinet should be strong and sturdy enough to bear the weight. You need to take extreme care during installation as the material is quite heavy and hard, and cutting it to required size is tough. Also, you may find fissures or warped spots, which can leave depressions on the surface or damage the cutting blade during polishing.

Washing quartz surface before cutting helps identify fissures which can be effectively handled by the vendor. Warped spots can be leveled off by wedging. Keep the stone cool using sufficient water, which prevents charring due to heat during cutting.

Caring and maintenance

Quartz countertops are scratch and stain free as well as microorganism resistant, which makes them hygienic surfaces for kitchens and bathrooms. Wash them using mild soap and water to keep them looking like new. Use trivets to keep hot bowls on the quartz surface as polymer resin content in it can melt resulting in deformation. Caring and maintaining the quartz countertops gives the beauty to the kitchen space.


Quartz countertops are scratch resistant and tough due to which they count as maintenance free kitchen or bathroom surfaces. Even though at initial stages they seem costly you can save money on maintenance and sealing. Their attractive colors and patterns impart a contemporary appearance to your kitchen.


Heat causes polymer resin to melt causing a deformed quartz countertop. This stone is a costly purchase if your budget is low. For the customers who need a natural stone countertop, quartz may look out of the league. Quartz countertop surface mimics the looks of all stones, but you may not find the softness of marble, patterns of granite, lightness of travertine in it.

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