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Corian – The Dark Horse Among Solid Surfaces

Corian is a fantastic solid surface countertop in South Carolina faring good on all aspects – looks, quality, durability, colors, and many more. The solid surface is not new to the list of surface materials, as DuPont introduced it in the market by as early as 1967. But now with people willing to bring something great and special there is a great talk about the surface.

An incident in South Carolina –

“Jenny gifted us with Garbó Negre on our house-warming ceremony. Only thing that worries me is its stubborn red stain on my granite kitchen countertop. I am afraid it won’t go…,” Madeline said to Iris. “Granite stains are tough!” Iris replied, continuing “We have Corian, there’s no such hassle!”

Being a solid surface made of minerals, methyl methacrylate resin, and acrylic the Corian packs some great features. Here are some interesting facts that make it stand out among all others.

Stains and dirt

Whether it is a wine, juice, or any other stain, your Corian surface is non-porous; dirt and stain cannot get inside leaving it unaffected.

Cutting board

Avoid using it as cutting board as it does get scratched. But you can remove the scratches by using Scotch-Brite Pad.

Heat resistance

Accidentally kept a hot pan or burning cigarette butt on the Corian surface? Don’t worry, just remove it immediately and use green Scotch-Brite Pad for matte surfaces and the white pad for glossy ones to brush away the countertop clean.

Flaking or chipping

Corian is tough and homogeneous, thus ruling out instances of cracked or flaky surfaces. In case of scratches or stains wash using household cleaner and bring it to normal condition.

Hygienic and safe

Corian surface is inert, non-toxic, and non-porous making it resistant to bacteria and molds. Regularly clean the surface and keep it looking beautiful for the next occasion.


Corian is resistant to household cleaners and chemicals such as dilute hydrochloric acid (HCl) and trisodium phosphate. But avoid concentrated HCl and sulphuric acids as they can damage and stain the surface. Quickly wash away the chemicals from the surface to save efforts.


Finding solid surface countertops in South Carolina for your home or office is easy with Corian available in trendy colors and textures. Get the look you want for your home with these amazing surfaces.

Great things come at great prices! Corian is a dark horse among surface materials, packed with best features at comparatively low prices. Take the help of our consultants to know more about the best solid surface countertops in South Carolina and get something special for your home.