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Marble Countertop Maintenance using Household Items

Have you noticed your marble kitchen countertops lost its charm over the years? Wondering how to bring its beauty back, or sulking over the day you decided to opt for marble?

Such questions can easily creep into your mind, making you think of ripping away the sad-looking marble. Luxury is the word that accompanies marbles, and you cannot afford to lose this wonder stone just because its charm has waned because of lack of maintenance.

Cheer up! You can still bring back the natural beauty of your marble using these household things.

Nothing like preventing

Kitchen countertops have to constantly bear stains and scratches; after all they are not just meant for beauty. Taking precautions such as sealing your custom marble countertops and immediately cleaning the stains prevent permanent stain formation on the surface.

Hot water magic

Believe it or not, a simple household thing such as hot water can remove most of the oil and water-based stains. Also, cleaning the countertop surface with it can remove dirt and prep the marble for sealing. Regularly cleaning the surface using hot water prevents scratches as it will remove agents that can scratch the surface.

Soap water wash

Did ever thought, your toilet bar can do a lot more than bathing purpose? Regularly cleaning the granite and marble surface using mild soap and hot water removes oils and stains ruling out the need for technician services. It can thus bring back your peace of mind as well.

Soup thickener on oil stain

A simple soup thickening ingredient such as corn starch can make a great marble oil stain remover. As stones such as granite and marble contain pores oil stains lodge in making it difficult to remove stain.  Sprinkling cornstarch on the affected surface and removing it after 20 minutes eliminates oil stain.

Baking soda to batter stain

Baking soda used as a leavening agent in your cakes and cookies gives it a spongy appearance. But the same removes beetroot and orange stains from the surfaces of granite and marble South Carolina. Preparing baking soda and alcohol paste and applying on the stain surface helps remove blemishes from the marble surface.

Using these household tips to remove stains from your marble countertop surface helps bring back its grand look and save money. If stain persists take the help of our experts.

Going wild with marble kitchen countertops

In the market you will find many varieties of stone kitchen countertops, but do you know some people go crazy over marble kitchen countertops Georgia! Kitchen is a corner that bears effects of moisture, acidic juices, oils, stains, heavy objects, heat, and smoke. In such a corner, beautiful and delicate stone such as marble may look out-of-place.

For those who care

Don’t let the looks deceive you, as although marbles look exquisite and fragile they are tough enough to bear heat. But if you want to maintenance kitchen countertops, these surfaces may not suit your needs, as they have tendency to get scratched, stained, or etched. However, if you are the one who takes extra care for your precious collections, or the one who thinks scratches add to the beauty this stone is the best choice for your kitchen.

Something special

Marbles have personalities which they impart to your kitchen countertops South Carolina. They get bruised when used carelessly and heal gradually, become lively again with your care. If properly maintained they last over lifetime and share some of the most wonderful moments with you!

Beautiful collection for kitchen

Delicate veins or grey mottled patterns over the bright white surface, bright forest with dark brown or green background, or white dreamy designs with jet black surroundings can take your imaginations to another world. No wonder why people raved about marbles! They will continue to inspire wonders if properly maintained.

Following are some of the kitchen countertop Georgia tips to keep your marbles looking great for years:

  • Clean and seal the marble countertops to prevent stains, etchings, and scratches
  • Use cutting boards instead of marble surface to cut vegetables
  • Marble are heat-resistant, but not heat proof; use trivets to keep hot bowls
  • Wipe away wine, acid and oil spills to avoid stains
  • Use warm water or mild cleaners to keep them looking great

Marble countertops are a value for money in terms of aesthetics. Although they are not the hardest materials, give you the best moments of life with your family.

Tips to Select Sinks for Kitchen Countertops Georgia

Tips to Select Sinks for Kitchen Countertops Georgia

Enhancing the looks of your kitchen granite countertops may involve giving attention to details as minute as your vanity sinks. During home renovation most of us ignore kitchen sinks, thus end up making the kitchen looking patchy. Kitchen sinks are an excellent way to change the looks of your home from luxury to rustic or to merely utilitarian.

Understanding interiors

Every step towards beautifying your kitchen or selecting a suitable kitchen sink should begin with understanding your interiors, budget, and requirement.

Size to suit space

Spacious kitchen demands bigger sized sinks, whereas restricted spaces cry for smaller basins. Kitchens with ample space allow large stone kitchen countertops housing bigger single or double bowl sinks. Use smaller single bowl sinks when there is hardly any passage area left to move freely in the kitchen.

Match colors

To avoid feeling odd or uncomfortable until the next renovation, choose a color that blends with your countertop and the surroundings. Red, gray, or blue sink with green or orange backgrounds or vice versa may seem an odd combination. Instead settle for beige, white colored or stainless steel kitchen sinks.

Shape advantages

Apron or farmhouse sinks consume considerable space on your kitchen countertops but during usage as your body directly leans against it you can avoid back pain or strains. Under mount sink installation and cleaning are tough, whereas top mount or drop in varieties save storage space below the sink. Double bowl sinks give you space to dry the vessels and let the water into the sink.

Keep budget in mind

Top mount and drop in sinks are cheaper compared to under mount sinks. If you have laminate countertops go for top mount sinks as these countertops may develop cracks with heavy under mount varieties. Under mount sinks are more suited for marble kitchen countertops, quartz kitchen countertops and granite kitchen countertops .
Sinks or basins, although the most neglected part, add to the beauty of your kitchen. Choosing the best match for marble, quartz, or granite countertops is an overwhelming experience. The tips mentioned here can save you unnecessary expenses, help preserve the beauty, keep away disappointments. In case you are still confused safely settle for stainless steel kitchen sinks which are durable, affordable and trendy.

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