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Using Natural Stones to Enhance the Beauty of Backyard Swimming Pool

A backyard swimming pool made of natural stone is a great stress reliever for your family and you. After a day’s hard work, you definitely would like to unplug yourself from the outside world and spend some quiet time alone or have a blast with dear ones on the weekends. Backyard swimming pool is your best bet to give your family the much needed relaxation.

Constructing a backyard swimming pool using natural stones is a challenge as the pool should look exquisite and survive for years. A swimming pool consists of pavers, decking and coping areas which can be highlighted using natural stones. If you construct it without proper guidance it can become a hazardous place.

Selecting a natural stone for swimming pool deck or paving is guileful as each natural stone is different. But as the construction commands considerable reinforcement and investment one should be careful while selecting construction materials as experimenting can drain your money.

Here we will assess the usefulness of natural stones such as travertine, granite, limestone, marble, and soapstone as construction materials for backyard swimming pools.


Travertine is a sedimentary rock made of calcium carbonate, having a hardness ranging 3-4 on the Moh’s Scale. It has a coarse, porous texture which makes it absorb water quickly and remain dry on the surface. It thus makes a great anti-slippery material for use as pool decks or coping. Travertine gives your pool a luxurious appearance with its white, light brown, cream, golden color variations.


Limestone is fine-grained in contrast to travertine, but can absorb water and remain dry from the outside. If properly maintained, they act as a great non-skidding pool deck surfaces. As they are resistant to extreme weather conditions, most pool designers install them in open spaces. Due to their subdued luxury they make excellent materials for highlighting on the beautiful surroundings. These stones occur in light brown, brown, buff, blue, gray, pink color variants.


Marble is a metamorphic rock available in a variety of flow patterns, but with limited color combinations. Due to its high calcium content, it looks bright and transforms your pool deck into a luxurious looking recreational area. Looking a little mild in outlook, it looks soft and attractive, thus making an irresistible material for your swimming pool. As these rocks are less porous compared to limestone or travertine, their chances of staining is less.


Soapstone is smooth-to-touch and easy-to-scratch surface, but quite resistant towards stains. They look trendy in your pool space with their mellow looks. Honed looks expose their vein feature that resembles nature. As these stones are less porous chances of fungal or algal growth is less, thus making them excellent materials for your swimming pool.


Granite is one of the hardest materials which can bear all weather conditions and wear and tear. Occurring in wildest color combinations and patterns, these rocks excel as pool decks and coping. They can get very slippery and dangerous if given a polished finishing. Go for tumble or coarse looks if you want granite pool decks or coping, whereas honed looks makes them even more attractive revealing their beautiful patterns.

Most of these natural stones fall in similar price range, except for travertine which may cost you very less. But more than the price consider the usage and the feel you want in your pool. Pressure washing your pool deck using 50% bleach water solution must be enough. Regular cleaning of the surface should keep all these natural stones safe and non-slippery.