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9 Upcoming Kitchen Countertop Styles and Trends

Kitchen countertop styles and trends change frequently adding to the home renovation options for the consumers. There are unlimited possibilities if you consider ways to transform your kitchen. Draw a picture in mind about what kind of kitchen countertop materials and their textures, designs, and arrangements better suit your kitchen and where. Experts have a knack to grab those ideas and come up with an idea that becomes a trend.

Here you will come across some of the ideas that have flashed across your mind sometimes, but will be surprised with the overall outcome.

Natural stone surfaces

Stones such as granite, marble, limestone, soapstone, and travertine are some of the frequently heard names in the countertop market. Some are soft, some hard, and others coarse, while all of them have their own attribute, imparting a different feel to your interiors. Flaunting a flowy, flecked, flaky, or crystal pattern these surfaces break the monotony of your kitchen.

Engineered surfaces

Most of the attractive quartz and quartzite surfaces in the market are engineered surfaces. These man-made surfaces contain 93% quartz and the remaining percentage of resin and acrylic polymers. A huge percentage of quartz gives great strength to resist scouring forces. Quartz kitchen countertops feature peppy designs, giving an urban touch to your kitchen interiors.

Butcher block surfaces

Butcher block countertops are regaining their lost glory with stone surfaces been overused in recent times. Their settled feel, soft touch, fibrous features, and timelessness make them an irresistible choice for people yearning for a countryside life.

Concrete countertops

If your renovation advisor suggests installing a concrete kitchen countertop you definitely give back a suspicious look, but the end result leaves you speechless. These countertops can be polished to a glossy finish, added different colors, and made to look like a marble or granite. Except for the reason that a concrete countertop needs regular polishing, sealing, and waxing, it can resist freezing temperatures well.

Eco-friendly countertops

Paper countertop is a beautiful twist as your kitchen countertop surface with lovable feel and texture, oozing a sense of warmth. These countertop surfaces easily win accolades as environmentally friendly materials that are free from volatile organic carbons (VOCs) and radon gas. Sparing some time to maintain this surface keeps your kitchen looking enviable.

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Centerstage shape

If planning to install a kitchen centerstage, why not install the countertop whose shape matches your kitchen perimeter! This not only improves looks, but also facilitates easy movements around the stage avoiding the blind spots. You can opt for shapes such as L-, U-, and wedge shaped based on your kitchen perimeter and requirement.

Gray countertop cabinets

Gray is the trending kitchen cabinet color as most of the products flooding the markets flaunt it. Looking swanky, these countertop cabinets give an impression that the design is just perfect for gray. Match this countertop with hardwood flooring to give a dramatic shift to your interiors.

Black and white cabinets

For those who like to dwell in the old world charm, a black and white palette creates unlimited combinations giving a settled feel to your kitchen. With this combination you can easily direct the attention towards something more special.

Automated kitchen

Add technology to your kitchen making your kitchen work smarter for your family. Install sensor taps, automated ovens controlled by smartphones, hydraulic cabinet doors in the cabinets that can save you time, trouble, and space, respectively.

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All About Quartz Kitchen Countertops

What is your choice for your kitchen or bathroom surface – granite, marble, natural quartzite, or quartz? Most people would blindly settle for granite or marble as most of their neighbors suggest it. But do you know that quartz countertop surfaces are fast picking up trend in the countertop market?

Some years ago granite or marble were the names overused in the countertop market, but now the scene seems to have changed completely. Customers want something which is different and durable as well, and within budget, and quartz countertop is definitely on that list. A careful buyer would consider all aspects such as trendiness, cost effectiveness, durability, and aesthetics before finalizing on a countertop.

Did you ask, “Where would quartz fit in those lines?” Here are some reasons which make quartz countertops an excellent choice for your home.

quartz kitchen countertops
Design Kitchen with Quartz Countertops

What makes it?

Quartz is made of 93% ground quartz, polymer resin, and acrylic colors, giving it a dual nature – natural and engineered. Natural quartz fortifies the countertop five times than that of granite, resin fuses the mixture and reduces pores, whereas acrylic colors gives them attractive colors. In contrast to earlier times when quartz was available in limited colors, now you can find them in attractive patterns and unlimited color combinations.

How to install?

It is better to prepare the cabinet before you cut quartz surface. As your countertop is quite heavier the cabinet should be strong and sturdy enough to bear the weight. You need to take extreme care during installation as the material is quite heavy and hard, and cutting it to required size is tough. Also, you may find fissures or warped spots, which can leave depressions on the surface or damage the cutting blade during polishing.

Washing quartz surface before cutting helps identify fissures which can be effectively handled by the vendor. Warped spots can be leveled off by wedging. Keep the stone cool using sufficient water, which prevents charring due to heat during cutting.

Caring and maintenance

Quartz countertops are scratch and stain free as well as microorganism resistant, which makes them hygienic surfaces for kitchens and bathrooms. Wash them using mild soap and water to keep them looking like new. Use trivets to keep hot bowls on the quartz surface as polymer resin content in it can melt resulting in deformation. Caring and maintaining the quartz countertops gives the beauty to the kitchen space.


Quartz countertops are scratch resistant and tough due to which they count as maintenance free kitchen or bathroom surfaces. Even though at initial stages they seem costly you can save money on maintenance and sealing. Their attractive colors and patterns impart a contemporary appearance to your kitchen.


Heat causes polymer resin to melt causing a deformed quartz countertop. This stone is a costly purchase if your budget is low. For the customers who need a natural stone countertop, quartz may look out of the league. Quartz countertop surface mimics the looks of all stones, but you may not find the softness of marble, patterns of granite, lightness of travertine in it.

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4 Countertop Ideas to transform your Kitchen

Little changes to your home such as a new ideas with natural stone kitchen countertop or beautiful wallpaper can give much-needed change to your life. Reviving your home is a lot more than just adding to the looks. It is about increasing life of your home and its resale value.

Change the way you look towards the world and you will see it in different lights. However, changing the looks of your home or kitchen as per your dreams can make your home a place to cherish. Here are 9 kitchen countertops in Georgia that can make any kitchen look great.

Granite kitchen Countertops

For a home that needs complete makeover granite kitchen countertop is the best cost-effective solution. The reason being a granite countertop is not only durable and beautiful, but also versatile. Available in attractive colors and patterns these stones are the most preferred choices for a modern kitchen.

Granite kitchen countertops are touch and scratch resistant, but porosity makes them susceptible to stains. They are quite costly compared to other natural stone countertops.

Marble kitchen countertops

Marbles show flow texture in contrast to crystal patterns of granites. Even though granites are a fad in the market, marbles hold grounds because of their unmatched good looks and milder tones. They elegantly outshine other countertops in both honed and polished forms.

Marbles kitchen countertops are less costly compared to granites, but high on maintenance. As they absorb stains faster, you should take proper care such as immediate cleaning and sealing to prevent stains.

Quartz kitchen countertops

Quartz countertops are hygienic, non-porous, harder and heavier with gem-like colors, which make them better surface materials than granites. Mineral (quartz), resin, and pigments blend to form these beautiful countertop surfaces. With simple patterns and colors quartz kitchen countertops impart a touch of luxury and modernity to your kitchen.

Unlike granites, quartz countertops lack crystal structures. Another drawback with quartz is the stone loses color in sunlight.

Natural quartzite kitchen countertops

Quartzites are the metamorphic rocks with hardness greater than granites. These stones were initially sandstones which metamorphosed to assume the present form. Quartzite countertops are non-porous and extremely durable, but beautiful like marbles and harder than steel.

Natural quartzite kitchen countertops do not etch due to water or chemicals, buy these days it is difficult to find natural ones in Georgia as most of them are artificially made. So if you are looking for natural quartzite kitchen countertops in Georgia better look at other natural stones as well.

When it comes to natural stone surfaces, quality and durability of a product does not depend on whether it is natural or synthetic. Compare the pros and cons of countertop surfaces to find out which one suits your kitchen the best.