Things to Consider before Buying a Granite Countertop

You may go through heaps of countertop catalogues or online sites watching photos of ideal granite countertops for Columbus home, but will always miss on something! Considering these important aspects before buying granite countertop can save you a great deal of troubles. Choosing the right granite countertop Lagrange GA or Columbus is challenging with innumerable choices available in the market.


Here are some tips that come handy every time you buy a granite countertops Palmetto or in any other place.


Factors to consider

Buying a granite countertops Auburn for a kitchen can get tricky as aesthetics of your home and huge investment are at stake. A granite color that gels with the kitchen interiors adds to the looks of a home.


Collecting sample

Selecting a granite countertop without checking it at home can play spoilsport. Do not hesitate to ask your fabricator for free samples to see how the surface looks in your home. This can be a worthy try as you will avoid buying something which may not be a match at all.


Match backdrop

Choose your granite color and backdrop. A backdrop can protect your wall from splashes and moisture and keep it beautiful too. You can either choose the same material as that of the countertop or a different one with an amazing effect (marble, quartz, stainless, or anything else).


Keep options open

Look at a complete slab instead of just the sample as pieces can be very different from the larger surface. Choosing from a large collection of granites can increase the chances of finding the right match for your kitchen.


Assemble slabs to fabricate

Fabricating slabs after assembling them all rather than doing it individually reduces seam visibility. Enquire how your fabricator can avoid seams.


Get sink first

Get the sink first before you get the granite slab fabricated to cut costs.



A granite countertop for a kitchen may need to bear with water and stains. Hence check if your fabricator has less porous granite surface and also if it is affordable. Spending a bit more can save you lot of troubles and reduce maintenance.


Occasionally your kitchen countertop may need to bear heavy objects. Getting ¾ inch surface is much wiser option, also because returning the product is much easier in case you are not satisfied.



While choosing countertop edges keep children and design aesthetics in view. Smoothened bullnose edges can prevent kids from getting hurt. Beveled edges are preferred choices for modern kitchens and bullnose for traditional ones.



Some Brazilian granite surfaces emit radiation. Make sure you enquire about those at granite countertops Montgomery to know about less radioactive varieties.


Be selective

If you prefer a product of one fabricator and the service of another, do not hesitate to be selective to choose the best ones.


Fabricator over wholesaler

Buying granite countertops South Carolina from a fabricator rather than a wholesale dealer can increase your chances of getting big deals.


Compare quality, price and policy

Compare granite countertops Opelika prices with different fabricators to match your budget and the quality. Check their warranty policy.


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